Matsumoto Sayaka



Affiliation Center for Arts and Sciences
Title Associate Professor
Room Faculty of Economics 405 (Extension2405)
E-mail matumoto ( at = @ )
Education Ph.D. Candidate of Dep. of European History, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
Academic Societies THE SOCIETY OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH, Japan Society for Medieval European Studies, The Society for Icelandic Studies of Japan, The Hanseatic Historical Study Group of Japan, The Association for Balto-Scandinavian Studies
Career Apr 2012 - Mar 2014 Adjunct lecturer, Ritsumeikan University
Apr 2012 - Mar 2014 Adjunct lecturer, Shizuoka University
Apr 2012 - Mar 2014 Adjunct lecturer, Kyoto University
Apr 2013 - Mar 2014 Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Host: Kansai University), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Apr 2014 - Current job

Research Interest

Research Field Medieval Icelandic History & Literature
Research Summary Iceland was an unpopulated island at the beginning of the Middle Ages in the European history. This island was inhabited mainly by Norwegian Vikings in the period from around 870 to 930. Medieval Icelanders produced the huge literature, including Edda (two texts concerning the Norse mythology) and various sagas - the prose narratives that lively illustrate people’s life in medieval Iceland or even in ancient Northern Europe, although their contents are the fusion of facts and fiction. My research aims to examine the social changes in late medieval Iceland under the rule of Norwegian kings; how the kings ruled the remote island and how Icelanders reacted to it? Various changes in society may well have influenced on people's mindset and thus on saga writing.
Keywords Medieval history, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland, Norway, Saga, Feud, Conflict, Kingship

Selected Publications

・(in Japanese) Sayaka Matsumoto, "The 'high treason' of Loptr Helgason--Iceland and Norwegian kingship in the late 13th century", in Yoshihisa Hattori (ed.), Communication Conflict, Order and Communication in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Minervashobo, Oct 2015, pp. 176-197.
・(in Japanese) Sayaka Matsumoto, "Vaðmál and women: Commerce and trade in Medieval Iceland", in Teruo Shiba and Toshiaki Tamaki (eds.), The Commercial World of the North and Baltic Seas, Yushokan, May 2015, pp. 149-182.
・(in Japanese) Sayaka Matsumoto, "Medieval Iceland in the North Atlantic Trade Networks", in Masahiko Yamada (ed.), History of Markets in Traditional Europe and its Neighborhood (Social History of Market and Distribution I), Seibundo Pub.: Osaka, Dec 2010, ISBN:4792409330, pp. 69-93.

・(in Japanese) Sayaka Matsumoto, "Peacemaking in 13th-century Iceland: a consideration of the submission to Norwegian kingship", SHIRIN: The Journal of history 91-4 (2008), pp.72-105.
・(in Japanese) Sayaka Matsumoto, "Farmer's consensus and its relation to Norwegian kingship in 13th-century Iceland as seen from tribute paying processes" HOKUOSHI KENKYU: A Journal for the Association for Balto-Scandinavian Studies 26 (Sep 2009), pp.1-14.
・Sayaka Matsumoto, "A Foundation Myth of Iceland - Reflections on the tradition of Haraldr hárfagri", The Bulletin of the Society for Icelandic Studies of Japan 30 (2011), pp.1-22.
・Sayaka Matsumoto, No Longer a Feuding Society? Legal Practice and Kingship in Late 13th-Century Iceland, M.A. thesis, University of Iceland, 2012, 73p.

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Classes History of Europe, Myths and Legends, First Year Student Seminar, Academic and Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Lectures on Culture B
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