Campus Guide

Fukui and Obama campuses--Endowed with a wealth of attributes to meet the enthusiasm and needs in all areas of learning

The Fukui Campus is located in one of the main academia-research areas in Fukui Prefecture, along with the Fukui Industrial Support Center, the Fukui Food Processing Research Institute, and the Fukui Prefectural General Green Center. The Obama Campus looks out over the great expanse of the Japan Sea, and is situated close to the Five Lakes of Mikata, registered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention. Surrounded by these perfect environments, students on each campus engage in research into the natural sciences enthusiastically and with high motivation.

Fukui Campus

An ideal academic research location on an extensive site surrounded by a rich natural environment that exhibits features of all four seasons

1. Lecture Building
2.Faculty of Biotechnology
3. Faculty of Economics
4.Faculty of Nursing & Social Welfare Sciences
5. Gymnasium
6. Library
7. Career Center
8. Center for Academic Exchange
9. Student Hall
10. Research Institute for Regional Economics
11. Dinosaur Research Institute

Obama Campus

With the vast natural expanse of the Japan Sea as a backdrop, this is the ideal place for learning.

1. Marine Environmental Engineering Laboratory
2. Gymnasium
3. Center for Academic Exchange
4. Faculty of Marine Bioscience

Campus Guide