Maruyama Chitose


Affiliation Faculty of Biotechnology / Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Title Associate Professor
Room Faculty of Biotechnology BW406 (Extension3406)
E-mail ( at = @ )
Education Ph.D.
Academic Societies Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry (JSBBA),
The Society for Biotechnology, Japan (SJB),
The Society for Actinomycetes Japan (SAJ)
Career <2004 - 2007> 
 Research assistant, Fukui prefectural University
<2007 - 2008> 
 Assistant teacher, Fukui University
<2008 - 2012> 
 Research assistant (NEDO), Fukui prefectural University
<2013 - 2017> 
 Postdoctoral Fellow, Technology research association for Next-Generation Natural Products Chemistory
<2017 - 2019> 
 Assistant professor, Fukui prefectural University
<2019 - date> 
 Associate professor, Fukui prefectural University

Research Interest

Research Field Applied microbiology, Natural product chemistry, Chemical biology
Research Summary Our research is focused on the biosynthesis and bioengineering of microbial peptide natural products and in the discovery of new enzyme biocatalysts. Our studies are performed at the chemistry-biology interface and involve a number of sophisticated approaches that include heterologous biosynthesis, mutasynthesis, chemoenzymatic total synthesis, genome mining, and in vitro and in vivo biochemical analysis.
Keywords Biosynthesis, secondary metabolites, peptide, non-ribosomal peptide synthetase, NRPS

Selected Publications

Google Scholar

1. C. Maruyama, Y. Hamano, tRNA-dependent amide bond–forming enzymes in peptide natural product biosynthesis, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 59, 164-171 (2020)
2. C. Maruyama, Y. Chinone, S. Sato, F. Kudo, K. Ohsawa, J. Kubota, J. Hashimoto, I. Kozone, T. Doi, K. Shin-ya, T. Eguchi, Y. Hamano*, C-Methylation of S-adenosyl-L-methionine occurs prior to cyclopropanation in the biosynthesis of 1-amino-2-methylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid (norcoronamic acid) in a bacterium, biomolecules, 10(5), 775, (2020).
3. S. Hayashi, Y. Ogasawara, Y. Satoh, C. Maruyama, Y. Hamano, and T. Dairi*, Off-loading mechanism of products in polyunsaturated fattyacid synthases, ACS Chem. Biol., 15, 651-656, (2020).
4. Y. Ogasawara*, Y. Nakagawa, C. Maruyama, Y. Hamano, and T. Dairi*, In vitro characterization of MitE and MitB: Formation of N-acetylglucosaminyl-3-amino-5-hydroxybenzoyl-MmcB as a key intermediate in the biosynthesis of antitumor antibiotic mitomycins, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 29(16), 2076-2078, (2019).
5. S. Hayashi, M. Naka, K. Ikeuchi, M. Ohtsuka, K. Kobayashi, Y. Satoh, Y. Ogasawara, C. Maruyama, Y. Hamano, and T. Ujihara, T. Dairi*, Control mechanism for carbon chain length in polyunsaturated fatty acid synthases, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 58(20), 6605-6610 (2019).
6. S. Hayashi, Y. Satoh, Y. Ogasawara, C. Maruyama, Y. Hamano, T. Ujihara and T. Dairi*, Control mechanism for cis double bond formation by polyunsaturated fatty acid synthases, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 58(8), 2326-2330 (2019).

Community Engagement

Educational Activites

Classes Graduation thesis, Laboratory Course in Microbiology, Elementary Laboratory Course in Applied Biology, Seminar in Bioscience of Molecular Functions, Seminar in Bioscience
Office Hour 17:00 - 19:00
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