Ayumi Kumagai


Affiliation Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Science / Department of Nursing Science
Title Associate professor
Room Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences 415 (Extension4415)
E-mail ayuku ( at = @ )
Education Graduate Course of Nursing Science, Division of Health Sciences Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kanazawa University
Academic Societies Japan Operative Nursing Academy
Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control
Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcers
Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Management
Nursing Science and Engineering
Society of Nursing Practice
Japan Academy of Nursing Science

Research Interest

Research Field Acute nursing, Perioperative nursing, Wound nursing
Research Summary The following research using a nursing science and engineering approach;
 Research on factors causing to pressure ulcers in surgical patients
 Research on mattresses development for pressure ulcer prevention
 Research on the relationship between development of pressure ulcer and external force applied to
 skin and soft tissue
 Research on stress and strain in skin and soft tissue
Keywords surgical patients, pressure ulcer prevention, external force, stress and strain, skin and soft tissue

Selected Publications

Investigation of effects of urethane foam mattress hardness on skin and soft tissue deformation in the prone position using magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Tissue Viability 2019; 28(1): 14-20.
Effectiveness of highly resilient urethane foam mattresses in pressure ulcer prevention for special operative positions. Japanese Journal of Pressure Ulcers 2015; 17(1): 1-9.
Effectiveness of waterless presurgical antisepsis with 1.0 w/v % chlorhexidine gluconate-alcohol-based hand rub~comparison with two-stage method. Japanese Journal of infection prevention and control 2012; 27(6): 375-379.
Reliability and validity of a new multi-pad pressure evaluator in the clinical setting. Japanese Journal of Pressure Ulcers 2012; 14(2): 1-9.
Relationship between interface pressure and development of pressure ulcer in prone position surgery using hall frame. Japanese Journal of Pressure Ulcers 2011; 13(4): 576-582.

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Classes Adult acute nursing, Adult acute nursing practice, Graduation research
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