Soki Hattori


Affiliation Institute of Dinosaur Research
Title Assistant professor
Room (Extension)
E-mail ( at = @ )
Education Department of Earth and Planetary Science, The University of Tokyo
Degree PhD
Academic Societies Paleontological Society of Japan
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Career Assistant Professor at Fukui Prefectural University (2019–present)
Researcher at Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (2017–present)
Curator at Gifu Prefectural Museum (2016–2017)

Research Interest

Research Field Vertebrate Paleontology
Research Summary ・Descriptive studies on theropod dinosaurs from Fukui and Thailand
・Evolutionary history of musculoskeletal system in theropod dinosaurs
Keywords Theropoda, Archosauria, fossils, morphology, anatomy, systematics

Selected Publications

Hattori, S. and T. Tsuihiji. 2021. Homology and osteological correlates of pedal muscles among extant sauropsids. Journal of Anatomy 238(2):365–399.
Kawabe, S., and S. Hattori. 2021. Complex neurovascular system in the dentary of Tyrannosaurus. Historical Biology 00:1–9 (advance online publication).
Zheng, W., M. Shibata, C.-C. Liao, S. Hattori, D. Jin, C. Jin, and X. Xu. 2021. First definitive ankylosaurian dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Jilin Province, northeastern China. Cretaceous Research 127: 104953.
Tsukiji, Y., X. Jin, T. Du, Y. Azuma, S. Hattori, K. Nakada, K. Nakayama, Y. Noda, and W. Zheng. 2021. First discovery of a deinonychosaur trackway from the lower Upper Cretaceous of southeastern China. Cretaceous Research 125:104874.
Hattori, S. and Y. Azuma. 2020. Spinosaurid teeth from the Lower Cretaceous Kitadani Formation of the Tetori Group, Fukui, Japan. Memoir of the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum 19:1–9.
Chokchaloemwong, D., S. Hattori, E. Cuesta, P. Jintasakul, M. Shibata, and Y. Azuma. 2019. A new carcharodontosaurian theropod (Dinosauria: Saurischia) from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand. PLOS ONE 14:e0222489.

Community Engagement

Educational Activites

Classes Dinosaurology, Biological Science, Practical Dinosaur Research, Vertebrate Paleontology Lab. Technique
Office Hour
Available Topics Anatomy and systematics of theropod dinosaurs

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