Sugiyama Tomoki


Affiliation Faculty of Economics / Department of Business Administration
Title Professor
Room Faculty of Economics 808 (Extension2808)
E-mail tomoki ( at = @ )
Education Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration,Nagoya Gakuin University,Japan
Degree Ph.D.Business Administration
Academic Societies The Japan Association of Regional Development and Vitalization
Japan Academy of Small Business Studies
The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs
Institute for Research and Practice of International Cultural Policy
Career 04/2019-03/2023:Associate Professor,Research Institute for Regional Economics,Fukui Prefectural University,Japan
04/202023-Present:Professor,Faculty of Economics / Department of Business Administration,Fukui Prefectural University,Japan

Research Interest

Research Field Regional Revitalization,Local industry,SME Management
Research Summary
Keywords Regional Revitalization,Regional Culture,Local Industry,Corporate Management, Sustainability

Selected Publications

-Tomoki,S.,Takeshi.I.,Masafumi.T.,et al.2022.Create new regions(Furusato).Koyoshobo
-Tomoki,S.,2019.Regional revitalization and Cultural creation.Koyoshobo
-Tomoki,S.,2022.A Study on the Conditions of Cultural Creation:A Case of“JAKUSYUYOU”,Fukui Regional Economies 34,pp.45-66
-Tomoki,S.,2021.A Study on Cultural Creation of OBAMA GLASS and Japanese Glass Craft,Fukui Regional Economies 32,pp.57-77
-Tomoki,S.,2020.A Study on the Community Development and Cultural Creation:Focusing on the Community Development of Foods in Obama FUKUI,Fukui Regional Economies 30,pp.25-43
-Tomoki,S.,2019.A Viewpoint of Local Area Management and Cultural Creation Area,Fukui Regional Economies 29,pp.23-44

Community Engagement

Educational Activites

Classes First year students seminar,Academic and Interdisciplinary Studies,Reading of Foreign Economics TextⅠ,Regional management,Advanced Seminar Ⅱ:Regional management
Office Hour
Available Topics Regional Revitalization,SME Management

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