Kumiko Iwatani


Affiliation Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Science / Department of Nursing Science
Title Professor
Room N408 (Extension4408)
E-mail ・・・ ( at = @ )
Education Ph. D. from Doctoral course, Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kanazawa University
Degree Doctor of Health Science
Academic Societies Japan Society of Maternal Health
Japan Academy of Midwifery
Japan Academy of Nursing Education
Japan Academy of Nursing Science
The Japan Academy for Health Behavioral Science
Japan Association for College and University Education
Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education
The Society for nursing Science and Engineering
Career Worked at hospital as a midwife
2011 Deportment of Nursing, Maternity and Women’s Nursing, Assistant Professor
2013 Deportment of Nursing, School of Nursing Kanazawa Medical University, Senior assistant professor
2017 University of Shiga prefecture School of Nursing, Graduate School of Human Nursing, Professor
2022 Fukui Prefectural University, Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences, Professor

Research Interest

Research Field Maternal Nursing
Research Summary
Keywords Maternal Nursing education, Midwifery education, Safety management, Child care support

Selected Publications

Original Papers:
The characteristics of incidents associated with birth assistance during midwifery training, Journal of Medical Safety 2020, IARMM Official Journal (e-version), pp62-65, ISSN 1349-5232
Evaluation of an Educational Program for Midwifery Students to Prevent Medical Accidents: Conducting Immediate Feedback-based Tests Using an e-Syllabus System, Journal of Medical Safety, 2019,IARMM Official Journal (e-version), pp43-52,ISSN 1349-5240
Contents Analysis of Safety Management-related Syllabi for Midwifery Education, Journal of Human Studies, 17, pp57-65, 2019
First-time Mothers’ experience of Childcare Difficulties as perceived by Visiting Nurses and Nurses’ support for the Mothers: as Focus on Visiting Nurses' Narratives, Journal of the Japan Academy for Health Behavioral Science, 32(2), pp38-52, 2017
Content analysis of safety management in Japanese midwifery educational textbooks, Journal of Society of Nursing Practice, 30(1), pp18-31, 2017
Content validity and utility of a proposed safety management education model for birth assistance in midwifery clinical practice, Journal of the Tsuruma Health Science Society, 39(2), pp13-24, 2016
Background factors causing difficulty of raising children by first-time mothers that public health nurses and midwives have sensed: a report by performing home visiting services for infants, Japanese Journal of Maternal Health,56(2), pp383-390,2015
The perception of students towards the educational approach of clinical instructors during the maternity nursing clinical practicum-Constructing a scale of students’ perception and tendency of students’ perception according to their background-, J Tsuruma Health Sci Soc, Kanazawa University, 38(1), pp85-96, 2014

Community Engagement

Educational Activites

Classes Introduction to Maternal Nursing, Maternal Health Nursing, Nursing Practice: Maternal Health Nursing
Maternal & Child Health Nursing, Progress Seminar in Maternity Nursing, Graduation Study

Nursing Research Methodology, Advanced Maternal Nursing, Maternal Nursing Seminar, Research: Maternal and Child Nursing
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