Matsubara Hiroshi


Affiliation Research Institute for Regional Economics
Title Professor
Room Research Center for Regional Economics 207 (Extension6207)
E-mail matubara ( at = @ )
Education The University of Tokyo
Degree Doctor of Science
Academic Societies The Association of Japanese Geographers
The Japan Association of Economic Geographers
The Human Geographical Society of Japan
The Association of Historical Geographers in Japan
The Society for Industrial Studies, Japan
Career 1985 Lecturer, Seinan Gakuin University
1997 Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2007 Professor, The University of Tokyo
2022- present

Research Interest

Research Field Economic Geography
Research Summary ・a study on industrual location, regional economy and regional policy in Japan
・a study on evolution and regional innovation of industrial agglomerations in Fukui Prefecture
Keywords location theory, locational adjustment, industrial cluster, regional economy, regional innovation system, system of cities, regional policy

Selected Publications

Hiroshi Matsubara ed.(2013) Nihon no Cluster Seisaku to Chiiki Innovation(Japanese Cluster Policies and Regional Innovation), University of Tokyo Press.
Hiroshi Matsubara ed.(2018) Sangyo Shuseki Chiiki no Kozo Henka to Ricchi Seisaku(Structural Change and Location Policy for Industrial Agglomeration Regions), University of Tokyo Press.
Hiroshi Matsubara and Seiji Jige eds.(2022) Nihon no Senshin Gijutsu to Chiiki no Mirai(Advanced Technology and the Future of Regional Society in Japan), Universty of Tokyo Press.

Community Engagement

2015-16 Advisor of industrial location, Fukui City

Educational Activites

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