Tsutomu Tokeshi


Affiliation Department of Advanced Aquaculture Science, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology / Department of Marine Bioscience
Title Associate Professor
Room Faculty of Marine Science and Technology 515 (Extension)
E-mail tokeshi ( at = @ )
Education Kyushu University
Degree Doctor of Science
Academic Societies Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography
The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science
The Oceanographic Society of Japan
Career 2005.4 The Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency. Research Support Staff.
2006.4 Fishing Port and Fishery Development Division, Miyazaki Prefectural Government.
2008.4 Fisheries Research Institute, Miyazaki Prefectural Government.
2020.4 Fisheries Village Promotion Division, Miyazaki Prefectural Government.
2021.4 Department of Marine Science and Technology, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Fukui Prefectural University. Associate Professor.
2022.4 Department of Advanced Aquaculture Science, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Fukui Prefectural University. Associate Professor.

Research Interest

Research Field Fisheries informatics
Fisheries Oceanography
Research Summary Smart fisheries industry is defined as a fisheries industry that uses ICT and IoT for both growth industry and fishery resource management. I have been conducting research on the use of smart fisheries to solve problems in fisheries sites. My research style has been to identify needs and issues at fishery sites (Plan), conduct research and technology development based on on-site needs (Do), and after verifying research results (Check), continue research to solve newly arising issues (Act). In addition, in order to implement the research results in society, it is important to put them on a business basis not only study, and we have conducted our research with an awareness of demonstrating the economic effects that can serve as the basis for such implementation.
 In the future, we will conduct research on the smart fisheries industry with the aim of optimizing the fisheries industry system.

Research on smart fisheries as a growth industry
(1) Understanding the needs of fishermen: We will conduct a questionnaire survey to understand the needs of fishermen.
(2) Development of technology to meet fishermen's needs: To date, we have developed a system for providing marine charts and other information. We will continue to actively develop technologies needed by fishermen through joint research and other means.
(3) Economic effects of research results: We will strive to understand the economic effects of research results and projects.

2. Research on resource assessment and management of smart fisheries
(1) Elucidation of the relationship between long-term fluctuation characteristics of coastal resources and oceanographic changes: If we can identify the oceanographic environmental changes that affect coastal resources, we will be able to predict trends in coastal resources by monitoring oceanographic environmental changes. Based on our previous research, we will investigate the relationship between changes in coastal resources and changes in oceanographic conditions in Japan and around the world.
(2) Development of methods to monitor resources using ICT technology, etc.: We will propose efficient methods to monitor resources using ICT and IoT, such as fish detectors and operation logbook tablets.
Keywords Smart fisheries, ICT/IoT, fisheries information, fishermen's needs, growth industrialization, coastal resources, fishery resource assessment and management

Selected Publications

【peer-reviewed paper】
1) Tokeshi,T., K.Nakanishi, S.Katayama:Factors of long-term variation in the fishery catch of red sea bream in Miyazaki Prefecture, Bull.Jpn.Soc.Fish.Oceanogr.,85(4),191-196,2021.
2) Simizu,Y., T.Tokeshi, M.Kuno, T.Setou, T.Kameda, D.Ito, K.Tanizawa: Development of portable device with simple handling as an expendable oceanic temperature-salinity measurement probe XCTD,and its usage for ocean monitoring around Japan,Journal of Fisheries Technology,14(1),2021.
3) Ishikawa,K., C. Watanabe, T. Kameda, T. Tokeshi, H. Horie, D. Hashida, T. Ohkawa, T. Takeda, M. Kuno, Y. Suzuki, S. Takamura, R. Fukumoto, S. Itoh, Spatiotemporal variability in the occurrence of juvenile Japanese jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus along coastal areas of the Kuroshio Current.: DOI: 10.1111/fog.12538, Fisheries Oceanography, 2021.
4) Tokeshi,T., K. Nakanishi,S. Katayama: Long-term spatiotemporal variation in Miyazaki Prefecture coastal fishery catch in relationship to oceanographic conditions, Bull. Jpn.Soc.Fish.Oceanogr.,85(2),45-53,2021.
5) Tokeshi,T., H.Horie, K.Sajiki: The need of Miyazaki prefectural fishers for information on oceanic conditions, Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi,86(5),430-432,2020.
6) Sajiki,T., M. Sumimoto, T. Tokeshi, L. Yu-Heng: Effects of the Fishery Industry’s Use of Oceanographic Information on the Regional Economy: Medium-Scale Purse-Seine Fishery in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture. Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 47(1), 1–7,2019.
7) Ishikawa,K. S.Ito, H.Nakamura, A.Nishikawa, T.Saito, T.Tokeshi: Particle-tracking experiments of the transport of eggs, larvae and Juveniles of red tilefish Branchiostegus japonicus from eth East China Sea to teh coastal area of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, Bull.Jpn.Soc.Fish.Oceanogr.,83(2),93-103,2019.
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Community Engagement

1)Director,etc.,Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography(2016~)
2)Committee member, Japan Fisheries Agency committee on smart fisheres(2019年~)
3)Professionals,Lecturer at seminars on smart fisheries for fishermen and fisheries (numerous)

Educational Activites

Classes Food Market, Information on Marine Bio-resources, Fisheries Legislation, Introductory Fieldwork in Marine Bioscience, Marine Social Science, Marine Business Economics
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Additional Information

2015 Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography, 4th Young Scientist Outstanding Lecture Award, "Long-term coastal fisheries resource fluctuations and oceanic conditions of Miyazaki Prefecture" (2015)
2016 Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography, 7th Encouragement Award, "Development of Delivery System for Daily Mapping of Oceanic Conditions by Fishing Boats in Hyuga-nada" (2017)