Hitomi Kanekasu


Affiliation Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Science / Department of Nursing Science
Title Associate professor
Room Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences 308 (Extension4308)
E-mail kanekasu ( at = @ )
Education Fukui Prefectural University, RN, RPHN, Type-1 Yogo teacher license
Kyoto University, RM
Fukui Prefectural University, MSN
Degree Master of Science in Nursing
Academic Societies Japan Academy of Midwifery
Japan Society of Maternal Health
Japan Academy of Nursing Science
Japanese Society of Child Health Nursing
Japan Society of Nursing Research
Japan Association for research in Family Nursing
Career Adachi Hospital, Kyoto city, Kyoto (Midwife)
Fukui College of Health Sciences, Fukui city, Fukui (Research associate, Assistant professor)

Research Interest

Research Field
Research Summary
Keywords Perinatal mental health, Childbirth experience, Mother-infant bonding, Breastfeeding

Selected Publications

・H Kanekasu, Y Shiraiwa, S Taira, H Watanabe (2024) Primiparas’ prenatal depressive symptoms, anxiety, and salivary oxytocin level predict early postnatal maternal–infant bonding: a Japanese longitudinal study, Archives of Women's mental Health.
・H Kanekasu, M Nishioka, S Taira, H Watanabe (2021) The impact of maternal prenatal depressive symptoms and anxiety on infant birth weight in Japanese primiparous women, Women, Women, Midwives and Midwifery journal, 1(2), 1-15.
・H Kanekasu (2021) First-time mothers feeling toward dealing with childbirth during the intrapartum period and the experiences which influence these, Journal of Fukui Prefectural University, 55, 61-80. (in Japanese)
・H Kanekasu, H Yamauchi (2014) Awareness of infectious diseases during pregnancy and related preventive knowledge and preventive measures among mothers, Japanese Journal of Maternal Health, 55(1), 120-127.(in Japanese)

Two other research reports

Community Engagement

・Summer camps for Children with type 1 Diabetes (2016~)
・Research guidance for nurses in Fukui Red Cross Hospital (2019, 2023)

Educational Activites

Classes Child Health Nursing, Nursing Practice:Child Health Nursing, Advanced Seminar: Child Health Nursing, Graduation Study
Office Hour
Available Topics

Additional Information

・International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC)(certification 2012, 2017, 2023)
・Instructor of B course Neonatal Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (NCPR) (2015, 2020, 2023)
・CLoCMiP Advanced Midwife (certification 2015)