Kasai Kyoko


Affiliation Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Science / Department of Nursing Science
Title Professor
Room Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences 414 (Extension4414)
E-mail kasai ( at = @ )
Education 2017 Ph.D.from Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University Graduate School of Nursing
Academic Societies Japanese Society of Nursing Art and Science
Japan Society of Nursing Research
Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing
Japan Academy of Nursing Science
Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology
Society of Nursing Practice                                     JJapan Academyof Nursing Administration and Policies
Career 2018-present
Professor,Fukui Prefectural University Faculty of Nursing and SocialWelfare Sciences 2007-2017

Associate Professor,Same as above 1992-2006

Assistant,Same as above 1988-1991

Nurse,University of Fukui Hospital

Research Interest

Research Field Fundamental Nursing
Research Summary 1.I study the way of the care for the sleep improvement of the elderly person with care giver works a special nursing home.
2.I analyze it what kind of influence healthy tea or massage have on the human body, and people investigate an intervention method to become comfortable by health more.
3.I study the way of the education method aiming at improvement of the communicative competence of the nursing student.
Keywords Sleep,Nursing Skills,Nursing Theory,Nursing Ethics

Selected Publications

Original Papers:
The Relationships between Night Excretion Care and Sleep-state of Elderly Residents at a Special Nursing Home,Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing 21(2),2017

Sleep-state and Seasonal Differences in Sleep-state of Elderly People Requiring Long-term Care-Long-term Follow-up Survey in a Special Nursing Home in the Hokuriku Region of Japan,Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing 21(1),2016

A Study on Medical Safety Consciousness of Nursing Students,Journal of Fukui Prefectural University46,2016

The Effect of Sunlight on the Sleep-wake Rhythm and Body Core Temperature in Elderly People with Dementia,Journal of Fukui Prefectural University42,2014

Relationship between nursing practice ability and characteristics of nurses' working conditions,Society of Nursing Practice26(1),2014

Lifestyles of elderly who continuously use health promotion and disease prevention facilities for the elderly and their experiences at these facilities,Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing 13(1),2008

Relation between Acquirement of Technical Nursing Skills and Self-Assessment in Gerontological Clinical Practices,Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing10(1),2005

Changes of the Image of Elderly People for the Nursing Students in Clinical Practice,Journal of Fukui Prefectural University23,2004

Association between the Subjective Well-Being and Disease in Elderly People at Home,Journal of Fukui Prefectural University20,2002

Association between the self-assessment of health status and pain in elderly people at Home,Journal of Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University4,2001

The Study on the Confusion of Nursing Students in Clinical Practice,Bulletin of Fukui Prefectural University College of Nursing9,1999

Factors which Influence Self-Evaluation of Nursing Students in Clinical Practice,Bulletin of Fukui Prefectural University College of Nursing7,1998

A Study of Identity Status of Nursing Students,Bulletin of Fukui Prefectural University College of Nursing3,1996

Community Engagement

Nursing study instruction at Fukui Red Cross hospital(2008~2014、2017~2018)
Lecturer of the clinical nursing leader's course at Fukui nursing society(2008~2018)
Membership of Katsuyama city General executive council(2014~2017)
Chairman of Council for Katsuyama city gender equality's council(2014~2017)
Membership of epidemiology Ethics committee(2014~2017)
Reviewers of the 36th Japan Academy of Nursing Science(2016)
Nursing study instruction at Fukui nursing society(2016)
Advisor of improvement that requires nursing care at a Special Nursing Home"
Lecturer of the care education training at Dementia elderly person of medical care education center(2016~2018)
Membership of the executive committee of the 74th meeting of Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology(2016)

Educational Activites

Classes Principles of NursingI・II,Fundamental of Nursing SkillsI・II・III,Physical ssessment,Nursing Ethics,Nursing PracticeI・II:Fundamental of Nursing,Nursing Practice:Nursing Administration,Graduation Study,Nursing Science Specialize,Nursing Science Practicum,Nursing
Office Hour
Available Topics Sleep evaluation
Care for good sleep
Nursing Skills
Nursing Theory
Nursing Ethics

Additional Information

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science (Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University,2017年)