Kawabe Soichiro


Affiliation Dinosaur Research Institute
Title Associate professor
Room Center for Academic Exchange 102 (Extension6002)
E-mail kawabe ( at = @ )
Education Ph. D., The University of Tokyo
Academic Societies The Palaeontological Society of Japan
The Mammalogical Society of Japan
Fossil Reserach Society of Japan
Career 2013~2016 Gifu Prefectural Museum
2016~2018 Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
2018~ Fukui Prefectural University

Research Interest

Research Field comparative morphology of the vertebrates
Research Summary Geometric morphometrical study of brain and inner ear of birds, reptiles, and mammals
Keywords brain, inner ear, CT scan

Selected Publications

Kawabe, S., Tsunekawa, N., Kudo, K., Tirawattanawanich, C., Akishinonomiya, F., Endo, H., 2017. Morphological variation in brain through domestication of fowl. Journal of Anatomy 231 (2): 287–297.

Kawabe, S., Matsuda, S., Tsunekawa, N., Endo, H., 2015. Ontogenetic shape change in the chicken brain: implications for paleontology. PLOS ONE 10 (6): e0129939.

Kawabe, S., Ando, T., Endo, H., 2014. Enigmatic affinity in the brain morphology between plotopterids and penguins, with comprehensive comparison among water birds. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 170 (3): 467–493.

Kawabe, S., Shimokawa, T., Miki, H., Matsuda, S., Endo, H., 2013. Variation in avian brain shape: relationship with size and orbital shape. Journal of Anatomy 223 (5): 495–508.

Kawabe, S., Shimokawa, T., Miki, H., Okamoto, T., Matsuda, S., Itou, T., Koie, H., Kitagawa, M., Sakai, T., Hosojima, M., Endo, H., 2013. Relationship between brain volume and brain width in mammals and birds. Paleontological Research 17: 282–293.

Kawabe, S., Shimokawa, T., Miki, H., Okamoto, T., Matsuda, S., 2009. A simple and accurate method for estimating the brain volume of birds: possible application in paleoneurology. Brain Behavior and Evolution 74 (4): 295–301.

Community Engagement

Educational Activites

Classes Dinosaurs, History of Earth-Life, Introductory Geology
Office Hour
Available Topics morphology, anatomy, paleontology, museum

Additional Information

2009 Poster Prize, The 2009 Annual Meeting, The Paleontological Society, Japan
2013 Graduate School of Science Award (Ph.D.), The University of Tokyo
2013 Paleontological Society of Japan, Best Article Award
2017 Poster Prize, The 166th Regular Meeting, The Paleontological Society, Japan