Kitano Ko


Affiliation Faculty of Economics / Department of Business Administration
Title Assistant Professor
Room Faculty of Economics 805 (Extension2805)
E-mail kou28 ( at = @ )
Education Chuo University Graduate Faculty of Economics (Bachelor, 2010)
Chiba University. Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Master, 2018)
Daito Bunka University. Graduate School of Business Administration (Doctor, 2021)
Degree Doctor of Business Administration
Academic Societies Japan Academy of Business Administration
Nippon Academy of Management
Japan Academy of Management
Career Family Mart Co., Ltd. (2010)
Wako University Part-time Lecturer (2020)
Daito Bunka University Visiting Researcher (2021)

Research Interest

Research Field Organization Theory
Research Summary Focusing on individuals within companies, I am researching what kind of motivation is necessary for individual employees to be creative and what leadership styles are effective in motivating individual employees. So far, I have focused on psychological empowerment within motivation, but in the future, I would like to conduct research on engagement and thriving.
Keywords Motivation, Leadership, Empowerment

Selected Publications

Management Organization Theory, Gogen-sya, 2021. (Co-author)
Management Organization Theory, Sosei-sya, 2023. (Co-author)

“Psychological Empowerment That Affects the Creation of Creativity and Demonstration of Ability of Non-regular Employees: Empirical Research for Retail Industry”, Management Journal, Vol.37, 2019; pp.9-27. (Co-author)
“The Effects of Empowering Leadership: An Empirical Study of Wholesale and Retail Companies”, The Annals of the Japan Association for Research on Business Administrative, Vol.29, 2020; pp.54-59. (Sole author)
“Effect of Empowering Leadership on Creativity and Ability of Employees: Comparison of Regular and Non-Regular Employees”, Journal of Japanese Management, Vol.5(1), 2020; pp.18-34. (Co-author)
“A Survey of Psychological Empowerment among Employees of a Taiwanese Company”, Wako Keizai, Vol.53(3), 2021; pp.43-47. (Co-author)
“A Study on Organizational Rejuvenation in Taiwanese Companies: Focusing on Leadership Behavior and Psychological Empowerment”, Wako Keizai, Vol.54(1), 2021; pp.73-77. (Co-author)
“A Study on the Impressions of Eyeglass Frames: A Sample of Taiwanese Students”, 2021 the 8 th Conference on Holistic Health Promotion, 2021; pp.57-67 (Co-author)
“The Effect of Empowering Leadership and Free and Open Organizational Climate on Psychological Empowerment”, Management Journal, Vol.42-43, 2022; pp.3-18. (Co-author)
“The Effect of Empowering Leadership on Psychological Empowerment in Taiwanese Companies: Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Employee Proactivity”, Journal of Tung Fang Design University, Vol.43, 2022; pp.109-120. (Co-author)
“Mediating Effects of Psychological Empowerment: An Empirical Study of Employees in Taiwanese Advertising Design Companies”, International Conference of Organizational Innovation, Vol.14, 2023; pp.851-859.(Co-author)

Community Engagement

GEORGES gallery + KOHIRA café (Setouchi Triennale 2019) Staff

Educational Activites

Classes Organization Theory, Reading of Foreign TextⅠ, SeminarⅠ
Office Hour Anytime
Available Topics Motivation, Leadership

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