Jun Matsubayashi


Affiliation Faculty of Marine Science and Technology / Department of Marine Bioscience
Title Associate Professor
Room Lecture Building 教員研究室 (Extension: 0770-52-3001) (Extension9600)
E-mail matsuj [at] ( at = @ ) ( at = @ )
Education Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Degree Ph.D. in Science
Academic Societies The Ecological Society of Japan

Research Interest

Research Field Isotope Ecology
Research Summary I am involved in the pursuit of research and methodological advancements with the aim of evaluating the transfer of substances through living organisms and the intricate networks of ecosystems. More specifically, my research is centered on organisms that traverse between diverse ecosystems, such as salmon and birds, organisms that mediate connections between ecosystems, such as brown bears and wolves, and long-distance migratory organisms such as skipjack tuna. In order to gauge the interconnections in the food chain and to track the movement of marine organisms that are not easily observable, my research primarily employs the technique of isotope analysis.
Keywords Food webs, migration, isotopes, nutrient cycles

Selected Publications

Community Engagement

Educational Activites

Classes Animal Ecology, Experiments in Chemistry Introductory
Office Hour 9:00-17:45
Available Topics Ecological studies using isotope ratios of light elements (such as migration, food web analysis, diet analysis).
Ecological research using spatiotemporal data, including presence/absence and population counts.
Chemical analysis of archival samples which are held in museums and other similar institutions.

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