Sato Shinya



Affiliation Faculty of Marine Science and Technology / Department of Marine Bioscience
Title Professor
Room Faculty of Marine Science and Technology 504 (Extension1504)
E-mail ssato ( at = @ )
Education University of Bremen
Academic Societies British Phycological Society
International Society of Diatom Research
Japanese Society of Diatomology
Japanese Society of Phycology
Career 2008 Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
2009 Kochi University, Japan
2010 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK/Cardiff University, UK
2013 Yamaguchi University, Japan
2014 Fukui Prefectural University

Research Interest

Research Field Evolution and diversity of diatoms
Research Summary
Keywords Microalgae, diatom, evolution, phylogeny, sex

Selected Publications

[Reviewed paper]

59) Ban H, Sato S, Yoshikawa S, Yamada K, Nakamura Y, Ichinomiya M, Sato N, Blanc-Mathieu R, Endo H, Kuwata A & Ogata H (2023) Genome analysis of Parmales, the sister group of diatoms, reveals the evolutionary specialization of diatoms from phago-mixotrophs to photoautotrophs. Communications Biology 6: 697.

58) Kamakura S, Ashworth MP, Yamada K, Mikami D, Kobayashi A, Idei M & Sato S* (2022) Morphological plasticity in response to salinity change in the euryhaline diatom Pleurosira laevis (Bacillariophyta). Journal of Phycology 58: 631-642. *Corresponding author

57) 麦倉佳奈, Eldrin DLR Arguelles, 鎌倉史帆, 大塚泰介, 佐藤晋也* (2022) ミズワタクチビルケイソウCymbella janischiiの近畿地方からの初産出およびその生細胞の形態観察. DIATOM 38: 49-53. *Corresponding author

56) Ikehata K, Nakamura N, Kulkarni HV, Zhao Y, Maleky N, Sato S, & Gao H (2022) Isolation and evaluation of brackish diatoms for the photobiological treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate. AQUA 71: 1083-1094.

55) Idei M, Toyoda K, Osada K & Sato S* (2021) Fine structural observation on the frustule of the genus Hydrosera with special emphasis on hitherto-unknown silicified structure. Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 151: 67-83. *Corresponding author

54) Lobban CS, Majewska R, Ashworth M, Bizsel N, Bosak S, Kooistra WHCF, Lam DW, Navarro NJ, Pennesi C, Sato S, Van de Vijver B & Witkowski A (2021) Diatom genus Hyalosira (Rhabdonematales emend.) and resolution of its polyphyly in Grammatophoraceae and Rhabdonemataceae with a new genus, Placosira, and five new Hyalosira species. Protist 172: 125816.

53) Kamakura S, Mann DG, Nakamura N & Sato S* (2021) Inheritance of spheroid body and plastid in the raphid diatom Epithemia (Bacillariophyta) during sexual reproduction. Phycologia 60: 265-273. *Corresponding author

52) Mann DG, Trobajo R, Sato S, Li C, Witkowski A, Rimet F, Ashworth MP, Hollands RM & Theriot EC (2021) Ripe for reassessment: a synthesis of available molecular data for the speciose diatom family Bacillariaceae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 158: 106985.

51) Sato S, Nanjappa D, Dorrell RG, Jimenez Vieira FR*, Kazamia E, Tirichine L, Veluchamy A, Heilig R, Aury J-M, Jaillon O, Wincker P, Fussy Z, Obornik M, Muñoz-Gómez SA, Mann DG, Bowler C & Zingone A (2020) Genome enabled phylogenetic and functional reconstruction of an araphid pennate diatom Plagiostriata sp. CCMP470, previously assigned as a radial centric diatom, and its bacterial commensal. Scientific Reports 10: 9449.

50) Kelly MG, Juggins S, Mann DG, Sato S, Glover R, Boonham N, Sapp M, Lewis E, Hany U, Kille P, Jones T & Walsh K (2020) Development of a novel metric for evaluating diatom assemblages in rivers using DNA metabarcoding. Ecological Indicators 118: 106725.

49) Yamada K, Sato S, Yamazaki M, Yoshikawa H, Kuwata A & Ichinomiya M (2020) Research note: New clade of silicified bolidophytes that belong to Triparma (Bolidophyceae, Stramenopiles). Phycological Research 68: 178-182.

48) Kahlert M, Kelly MG, Mann DG, Rimet F, Sato S, Bouchez A & Keck F (2019) Connecting the morphological and molecular species concept to facilitate species identification within the genus Fragilaria (Bacillariophyta). Journal of Phycology 55: 948-970.

47) Dąbek P, Ashworth MP, Górecka E, Krzywda M, Bornman TG, Sato S & Witkowski A(2019) Towards a multigene phylogeny of the Cymatosiraceae (Bacillariophyta, Mediophyceae) II: Morphological and molecular insight into taxonomy of forgotten species Campylosira africana and genus Extubocellulus, with description of two new taxa. Journal of phycology 55: 425-441.

46) Yamada K, Katsura H, Noël MH, Ichinomiya M, Kuwata A, Sato S & Yoshikawa S (2019) Ontogenetic analysis of siliceous cell wall formation in Triparma laevis f. inornata (Parmales, Stramenopiles). Journal of phycology 55: 196-203.

45) Kamakura S & Sato S* (2018) Note: Morphology and phylogeny of 2 strains of Epithemia collected from Nakaikemi Wetland, Fukui, Japan. Diatom 34: 68-69 (in Japanese).
*Corresponding author.

44) Li CL, Witkowski A, Ashworth MP, Dąbek P, Sato S, Zgłobicka I, Witak M, Khim JS & Kwon CJ (2018) The morphology and molecular phylogenetics of some marine diatom taxa within the Fragilariaceae, including twenty undescribed species and their relationship to Nanofrustulum, Opephora and Pseudostaurosira. Phytotaxa 355: 1–104.

43) Idei M, Sato S*, Nagumo T & Mann DG (2018) Valve morphogenesis in Diploneis smithii (Bacillariophyta). Journal of Phycology 54: 171-186.
*Corresponding author

42) Carbelleira R, Trobajo R, Leira M, Benito X, Sato S & Mann DG (2017) A combined morphological and molecular approach to Nitzschia varelae sp. nov., with discussion of symmetry in Bacillariaceae. European Journal of Phycology 52: 342-359.

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1) Sato S, Nagumo T & Tanaka J (2004) Morphology and taxonomy of marine attached diatoms in genus Grammatophora Ehrenberg (Bacillariophyceae) in Japan. The Japanese Journal of Phycology 52: 183-187.

[Non-reviewed article]

2) Idei M, Sato S & Mann DG (2020) The Amazing World of Diatoms, Sogensha, pp. 176).

1) Kelly M, Boonham N, Juggins S, Kille P, Mann D, Pass D, Sapp M, Sato S & Glover R (2018) A DNA based diatom metabarcoding approach for Water Framework Directive classification of rivers. SC140024/R, Environment Agency, Bristol. ISBN: 978-1-84911-406-6 (PDF 4.1 MB).

[PhD thesis]

Sato S. 2008. Phylogeny of araphid diatoms, inferred from morphological and molecular data. PhD Thesis. University of Bremen. PDF available from university library:

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- Editorial Secretary, Phycological Research (2014-2017)
- Associate Editor, Diatom Research (2011-)
- Associate Editor, DIATOM (2015-2018)
- Editor in Chief, DIATOM (2019-)

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2011 FEMS Meeting Attendance Grant for 5th EPC in Greece
2009 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad: 2 years
2009 Young Researcher Award of the Japanese Society of Phycology
2008 BPS (The British Phycological Society) Meeting Attendance Grant for 20th IDS in Croatia
2008 Summa cum Laude (first class honour) for PhD degree in University of Bremen
2005 DAAD scholarship for doctoral research in Germany: 3 years
2004 Best poster award in 18th International Diatom Symposium
2002 Best poster award in 17th International Diatom Symposium