Sugiyama Yasuyuki


Affiliation Faculty of Economics / Department of Economics
Title Professor
Room Faculty of Economics 402 (Extension2402)
E-mail sugiyama ( at = @ )
Education Ph.D. (2008) Economics, Osaka University, JAPAN
Academic Societies Japanese Economic Association
The Japan Society of International Economics

Research Interest

Research Field International Trade, Applied Microeconomics
Research Summary
Keywords WTO, FTA, Trade Liberalization, Trade and the environment, Foreign Aid

Selected Publications

"Optimal Policy for Environmental Goods Trade in Asymmetric Oligopolistic Eco-industries", 
Resource and Energy Economics 71: 101343, 2023.
(with Yungho Weng and Kenzo Abe)

"Skill Formation and the Production of Environmental Goods: The Role of Public Education",
The International Economy 25: pp.54-72, 2022.
(with Fatt Seng Chong)

"Oligopolistic Eco-Industries with Free Entry and Trade Liberalization of Environmental Goods",
The International Economy 22: pp.33-47, 2019.
(with Yungho Weng and Kenzo Abe)

"International Recycling Firm Joint Ventures and Optimal Recycling Standards"
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 21(3): pp.427-449, 2019.
(with Patcharin Koonsed)

"Environmental R&D, Imperfectly Competitive Recycling Market, and Recycled Content Standards"
Economics Bulletin 37(4): pp.2970-2979, 2017.
(with Patcharin Koonsed)

"Environmental Goods and Measures for Their Promotion: An Analysis Using a Fair Wage Model"
Pacific Economic Review 21(5): pp.581–602, 2016.
(with Muneyuki Saito)

"International Transfer, Environmental Policy, and Welfare"
Japanese Economic Review 63(2): pp.204-215, 2012.
(with Kenzo Abe and Kazuharu Kiyono)

"Environmental Industries, Environmental Policies, and International Trade"
The International Economy 14: pp.77-94, 2010.
(with Kenzo Abe)

"Ecological Dumping under Foreign Investment Quotas"
Journal of Economics 98(2): pp.137-153, 2009.
(with Muneyuki Saito)

"Export Processing Zones and Environmental Policy"
Economics Bulletin 6(20): pp.1-10, 2007.

"Transfer of Pollution Abatement Technology and Unemployment"
Economics Bulletin 6(5): pp.1-8, 2007.
(with Muneyuki Saito)

"Emission Tax, Subsidy to Input of the Pollution Abatement Equipment, and Intenational trade"
The International Economy 8: pp.57-76, 2003. (in Japanese)

Community Engagement

Trade and the environment

Promotion of eco-industries, and its economic and environmental influences

The role of foreign aid in order to protect the environment

Trade and unemployment

Educational Activites

Classes International Economics A (International Trade) International Economics B (International Macroeconomics)
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