Ito Takashi



Affiliation Faculty of Biotechnology / Department of Bioscience
Title Professor
Room Faculty of Biotechnology 420 (Extension3420)
E-mail tito ( at = @ )
Education Osaka University
Academic Societies
Career 2005 Researcher, Osaka University
2007 Research fellow, South Alabama University
2009 Assistant professor, Hyogo University of Health Sciences
2017 Associate professor, Fukui Prefecture University
2021 Professor, Fukui Prefecture University

Research Interest

Research Field Pharmacology, Food function
Research Summary Research in the role of taurine, which is abundantly contained in fishes and shells, on the aging, especially skeletal muscle aging.
Anti-aging effects of flavonoids in fibroblasts.
Keywords taurine, aging, anti-aging foods, skin aging, sarcopenia

Selected Publications

  1. Nguyen K, Maegawa E, Murakami S, Schaffer S, Ito T*. N-Chlorotaurine Reduces the Lung and Systemic Inflammation in LPS-Induced Pneumonia in High Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice. Metabolites 12(4), 349 (2022)

  2. Tsubotani K, Maeyama S, Murakami S, Schaffer SW, Ito T*. Taurine suppresses liquid-liquid phase separation of lysozyme protein. Amino Acids. (2021)

  3. Kamiya Y, Odama M, Mizuguti A, Murakami S, Ito T*. Puerarin blocks the aging phenotype in human dermal fibroblasts. Plos One. (2021)

  4. Nguyen K, Ito S, Maeyama S, Schaffer S, Murakami S, Ito T*. In vivo and In vitro study of N-methyltaurine on pharmacokinetics and anti-muscle atrophic effect in mice. ACS Omega, 5, 11241-11246 (2020)

  5. Komatsuzawa R, Miyazaki T, Ohmori H, Maruyama C, Schaffer S, Murakami S, Ito T*. Evaluation of taurine content on skeletal muscle of exercised rats using MALDI-TOF MS imaging analysis. J Phys Fitness Sports Med, 9, 1-7 (2020)

  6. Ito T*, Murakami S, Schaffer S. Taurine-Conjugated Metabolites in Hearts. Adv Exp Med Biol. 1155, 523-529 (2019)

  7. Ito T*, Murakami S, Schaffer S. Pathway Analysis of a Transcriptome and Metabolite Profile to Elucidate a Compensatory Mechanism for Taurine Deficiency in the Heart of Taurine Transporter Knockout Mice. J Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal, 1(1), 57-70 (2018)

  8. Ito T*, Hanahata Y, Kine K, Murakami S, Schaffer S. Tissue taurine depletion induces profibrotic pattern of gene expression and causes aging-related cardiac fibrosis in heart in mice. Biol Pharm Bull, 41, 1561-1566 (2018)

  9. Murakami S, Ono A, Kawasaki A, Takenaga T, Ito T. Taurine attenuates the development of hepatic steatosis through the inhibition of oxidative stress in a model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in vivo and in vitro. Amino Acids, 50, 1279-1288 (2018)

  10. Ito T*, Nakanishi Y, Yamaji N, Murakami S, Schaffer S. Induction of growth differentiation factor 15 in skeletal muscle of old taurine transporter knockout mouse. Biol Pharm Bull., 41, 435-439 (2018)

  11. Ito T*, Okazaki K, Nakajima D, Shibata D, Murakami S, Schaffer S. Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to identify taurine-modified metabolites in heart. Amino Acids, 50,117-124 (2018)

Community Engagement

Educational Activities

Classes Food hygienics, Elementary Laboratory Course in Biology, Elementary Laboratory Course in Biological Chemistry
Office Hour
Available Topics Pharmacology of Taurine
Research in food function

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