Takayoshi Tirai


Affiliation Fukui Prefectual University Faculty of Nursing and Social Welfare Sciences
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Research Field Public Health, Exercise Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Health Science
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Survey and research of preventive medicine and health science in residents and workers
1. We studied the effect of physical activity on the change of the Metabolic Syndrome of the related factors (Age, body weight, BMI, abdominal circumference, blood pressure, HDL-C, triglycerides, glucose, and eating habits: midnight snack, skipping breakfast, drinking, and smoking) in the workplace. 2. We studied the effect of an exercise intervention program on care prevention (improvement of physical and physiological functions, ADL, QOL) for the homebound elderly people. 3. We have been studying long-term effects of exercise intervention incorporating play for elementary school high grade students on health and fitness, physical activity.
Keywords Health promotion, Non-Communicable Diseases:NCDs, Exercise, Physical activity, Epidemiology

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