Sakon Noriki


Affiliation Faculty of Nursing & Social Welfare Sciences, Fukui Prefectural Univarsity
Title Professor
Room Room No.459 of Faculty of Nursing & Social Welfare Sciences building. (Extension4459)
E-mail snoriki ( at = @ )
Education Fukui Medical University, Graduate School of Medicine.
Degree M.D., PhD.
Academic Societies Academic Councilor of the Japanese Society of Pathology, Director of the Autopsy Imaging (Ai) Society, The Japanese Society of Medical Mycology, The Japanese Society for Clinical Cytology, The Japanese Society of Foot Care and Podiatry
Career 1990 Research Assistant of the First department of Pathology, Fukui Medical University
1992 Research Assistant, Department of Clinical Investigation, Fukui Medical University Hospital
(2001-2002: Pavia University, Republic of Ithaca, as Overseas Researcher at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
2002 Assistant Professor, First department of Pathology, Fukui Medical university.
2003 Assistant Professor, Faculty of medical sciences, University of Fukui.
2017 Ai Center, Faculty of Medicine, University of Fukui.
2020 Professor, Fukui Prefectural University, Faculty of Nursing and Welfare
  (Visiting Professor, Center for Educational Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Fukui.)

Research Interest

Research Field Pathology
Research Summary ・Development of a new diagnostic method for ringworm
 Ringworm is the so-called athlete's foot. The diagnosis of athlete's foot requires finding the causative organism (Trichophyton rubrum), under a microscope. We are developing the immunochromatography-based Trichophyton antigen kit using antibodies against Trichophyton antigens.

・A Establishment of Ai (autopsy imaging) science
 Ai (autopsy imaging) is an imaging examination of a deceased body using CT or MRI. This will enable us to analyze the cause of death and pathology in more detail.
Keywords Trichophyton antibody, Immunoimmunochromatography, Trichophyton antigen, Ai (autopsy imaging)

Selected Publications

・18F-Fluoroestradiol Tumor Uptake Is Influenced by Structural Components in Breast Cancer.
Mizuho Takahashi, Hiroyuki Maeda, Tetsuya Tsujikawa, Hiroko Kono, Tetsuya Mori, Yasushi Kiyono, Hidehiko Okazawa, Sakon Noriki, Yoshiaki Imamura, Takanori Goi
Clinical nuclear medicine 46(11) 884-889 2021.
・Changes in magnetic resonance imaging relaxation time on postmortem magnetic resonance imaging of formalin-fixed human normal heart tissue.
Kiyokadzu Ebata, Sakon Noriki, Kunihiro Inai, Hirohiko Kimura
BMC medical imaging 21(1) 134-134 2021
・Does cellular senescence play an important role in the prognosis of sarcomatoid carcinoma of the pancreas?
Toshihisa Kimura, Tamotsu Togawa, Atsushi Iida, Sakon Noriki, Yasunori Sato, Takanori Goi
World journal of surgical oncology 19(1) 79-79 2021
・Heterotopic ossification in lymph node metastasis after rectal cancer resection: a case report and literature review.
Hideki Nagano, Tamotsu Togawa, Takeshi Watanabe, Kenji Ohnishi, Toshihisa Kimura, Atsushi Iida, Sakon Noriki, Yoshiaki Imamura, Yasunori Sato, Takanori Goi
World journal of surgical oncology 19(1) 2-2 2021
・An autopsy case of tuberculous meningitis undiagnosed by nested-PCR of CSF samples and brain biopsy
Yuki Kitazaki, Masamichi Ikawa, Soichi Enomoto, Norimichi Shirafuji, Kouji Hayashi, Osamu Yamamura, Shinsuke Yamada, Hidetaka Arishima, Sakon Noriki, Yasunari Nakamoto, Tadanori Hamano
Journal of the Neurological Sciences 415 116968-116968 2020
・Capillary hemangioma arising from the lesser omentum in an adult
Hideki Nagano, Takanori Goi, Seiichi Taguchi, Takayoshi Tsubaki, Toshikuni Tsuchiyama, Hidemasa Uematsu, Sakon Noriki
Medicine 99(4) e18693-e18693 2020
・Pathological analysis of cadavers for educational dissection by using postmortem imaging
Sakon Noriki, Satoshi Iino, Kazuyuki Kinoshita, Yugo Fukazawa, Kunihiro Inai, Toyohiko Sakai, Hirohiko Kimura
Pathology International 69(10) 580-600 2019
・Artifacts reduction for analyzing postmortem CT images by using deep learning
S. Chai, Y. Hirano, S. Kido, K. Kinoshita, K. Inai, S. Noriki
Computer Assisted Radiology 33rd International Congress and Exhibition 007 2019
・Clinical Applications of Multidisciplinary Computational Anatomy - Progress Overview FY2014-FY2018 -
Shoji Kido, Noriaki Hashimoto, Yasushi Hirano, Shingo Mabu, Hyoungseop Kim, Hirohiko Kimura, Sakon Noriki, Kunihiro Inai, Rie Tachibana
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium of the Project "Multidisciplinary Computational Anatomy" 203-212 2019
・Pitfall in interpretation of kappa coefficients, in reference to the disagreement between Dr Shinichi Watanabe and Drs Tsunemi and Hiruma concerning the efficacy of the Dermatophyte Test Strip.
Noriki S, Ishida H

Community Engagement

・Collaborative research with Nikka Chemical Co., Ltd. (2017-)
・Lecture by the winner of the Fukui Prefectural Science Academic Award (Jinai Girls' High School) (2018)
・Senior member of the Academic Council of the Japanese Society of Pathology (2015-)
・Special lecture "What we can learn from the contrast between Ai and pathological autopsy" at Fukui Prefectural Police Medical Association (2018)

Educational Activites

Classes "Introduction to Medicine", "Lifespan Development", "Disease, Human and Society", "Introductory Seminar" Department of Nursing "Pathophysiology"
Graduate School of Social Welfare "Health and Welfare Research Methodology
Office Hour 16:20-18:00 Friday 10:40-12:00
Available Topics Diagnosis of dermatophytosis by immunoimmunochromatography, Ai (autopsy imaging), pathology

Additional Information

2018 The 13th Fukui Prefectural Science Academic Award Special Prize
2021 The Japanese Society of Pathology Case Study Award