Faculty of Marine Science and Technology


Looking at marine bioscience on a global scale through delivery of leading-edge and broad-ranging education

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology

With the sustainable use of marine bioresources as its aim, this faculty provides opportunities to learn about the relationship between marine organisms, their surrounding environment and methods for their effective use. This area of study is a vital key in solving various global problems such as the environment and food supply. In this faculty, the focus is not only on the acquisition of knowledge of the natural sciences, but also on the social scientific view on issues like market economies and food culture. This is achieved through investigation of marine bioresources from both local and Asian outlooks. From this eclectic standpoint, the faculty is committed to fostering human resources that take action based on deep understanding of the role their knowledge and skills allows them to play in society.


Research Center for Marine Bioresources

Katsumi, Obama City, Fukui Prefecture

A hub of research for marine bioresources in the Japan Sea

This center was established to preserve and cultivate marine bioresources of the Japan Sea. Research and educational activities range from marine organisms cutting-edge applied technologies to collaborative research with industry, governmental agencies and the academic arena. The building includes a fish disease laboratory, a spawn control laboratory and a thermostatically-controlled water laboratory. The center also houses research labs for breeding marine organisms in these specialties.

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